Actively Balanced: The blog

Actively Balanced: The understanding that the balance between keeping fit and eating well without sacrificing time with your family is a fluid and ever changing reality

I thought my first post should be an introduction to me and the brand Actively Balanced!

A little about me…My name is Ali, I am 28 years old, happily married to my husband John and we have a gorgeous baby boy called Rupert who is currently 8 months old. In my working life I am a management consultant in London specialising in large transformation programmes for the financial services; although I am currently on a full years’ maternity leave. It was through this pregnancy and the subsequent birth of my son which caused a huge shift in my thinking about my life and its priorities and this has led me on a journey to here… the start of my own brand Actively Balanced and the blog!

How Actively Balanced started…When I was pregnant I was amazed to find that, although the majority of people are absolutely wonderful to you, a small section of people are openly judgemental (and quite vocal too) about the most personal of things, for example: are you going to breastfeed, are you going to have a natural delivery, do you think you should eat that… the list goes on! I remember going home many times from work or the gym crying or utterly miserable as someone had said something to me again!

When I had my baby Rupert in May (’15) I was even more amazed to find that this continuous commentary and questioning about mine and my baby’s life did not stop! It left me feeling an overwhelming sense of vulnerability, helplessness as you are constantly battling against conflicting advise but at 8 weeks postpartum I was craving the need to have some control in my life again and to start to build the new me.

I started the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guides (BBG) in July ’15 and my love of all things health, fitness and food related started again with a vengeance. That, coupled with a growing friendship with a lady from my NCT group (Denise) who has been instrumental in my knowledge about nutrition, I decided to look into creating my own business which will help mums and mums to be specifically to try and find that balance between these often conflicting factors: food, fitness and family by sharing information, hints, tips and different options to achieve the lifestyle you want.

The Actively Balanced brand and its subsequent blog, which is governed by my guiding principle above, is the initial foray into the creation of my own business. I want the blog to be a place where I can provide the following things to its readers:

  • Some reassurance that through mine and others experiences, you are not alone!
  • Hints, tips and reviews on the different fitness options out there and what you should bear in mind if you are pregnant or have had a baby
  • Modifications of popular exercises which you should bear in mind if you are pregnant or have had a baby
  • Inexpensive and healthy recipes that you can make without too much hassle and which can be eaten by the whole family
  • Reviews on fave brands!

I hope that this will be of some use to you if you are reading this; I would love to hear what you all think about the concept, logo and the blog!

A xx

One thought

  1. Really love your logo Ali and can’t wait to find out more! Best of luck on your new journey and inspiring tips. Can’t wait!
    Alice (graphic designer)


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