Inspiration on what to wear post birth!

You may have spent the past 7-9 months wearing maternity clothes, or you may have been  lucky and got away with only wearing them right at the end, but I can imagine however long you’ve been wearing them, you are sick of them now!

Here are some suggestions for what you could wear when you are struggling to fit in your pre-pregnancy clothes, but want to avoid your maternity wardrobe like the plague!

  • Chunky cardigans


Oh chunky cardigans, how we love you! This is the perfect thing to wear over a camisole, a vest top or any maternity top that you may need to wear for breastfeeding. The prettier the cardigan the more versatile it will be as you can make this work in the day or evening – just mix up your accessories.

  • Turned up denim


    Now this may or may not move you away from your maternity jeans – it really depends what you have in your cupboard. Personally I lived in my maternity jeans for about 2 months after Rupert was born as they were the only thing I could wear without feeling super self conscious (it also saves you from buying any new jeans). But… if you want to buy some new things please be REALISTIC! You don’t need to squeeze yourself into your pre-pregnancy jeans, christ, your body has been through enough, and those maternity pads you are wearing don’t need any more pressure on them. But whatever you decide, turn them up! Wear them with flats, heels or trainers to be in with the cool crowd.

  • Oversized shirts


    There is something so sexy about an oversized shirt – now don’t get me wrong, you probably feel as sexy as… well someone who has just had a baby, so let’s move on quickly! Jokes aside, an oversized shirt is one of those wardrobe essentials that will cover any wobbley bits, will allow you to whip your boobs out in public if you are breastfeeding and, if you want to make it a little but more figure hugging, then just tuck a bit in at the front!

  • Athleisure


Oh Athleisure how I love you – this is MY ALL TIME FAVOURITE TREND ever… and probably ever will be! Leggings or jeans and trainers – definitely trainers. This is amazing as you will feel comfortable all day, you can wear this to baby groups, coffee and then go for a walk after! I can’t recommend this trend enough, and if you ever see me walking down the street, I am often wearing leggings, trainers or UGGS and a hoody. Perfect!

A x

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