Modifications – Leg Raises

Let’s talk about modifications! Especially for those of you who have weak ab muscles after your pregnancy and labour; I couldn’t even pretend to do some exercises when I started BBG after I had Rupert so I needed to modify A LOT! So the first exercise I will show you how to modify is the leg raise.

So for those of you who may be postpartum the leg raise is actually really tough on your abs and pelvic floor. The more you hold your breath and clench, you are putting a lot of strain on your pelvic floor which can effect symptoms of stress incontinence (peeing when you laugh, cough or sneeze!). So a lot of women’s health physios will tell you to ensure that you lower the intensity of exercises such as this. 

The other risk is that you start putting a lot of pressure on your abs, which if they haven’t knitted back together properly can increase the likelihood of more serious diastasis recti which can cause issues going forward e.g back pain, pelvic floor issues and other joint weakness as you won’t have good core strength.

Single leg raises are a perfect compromise for double leg raises. It lessens the pressure on your pelvic floor so you won’t be tensing too much, but you are still working the same muscle groups. The video below shows you how to do these; both the full and single leg raises. 

I hope this helps! 
A xx

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