Working out at home:  modifications for minimum equipment 

It’s always frustrating to see girls online who have amazing gyms to go to when all you have at home is a couple of Dumbbells and your living room floor! But don’t worry – you can still get amazing results which are equal to those that train in a gym! You just need to be creative! 

Basic equipment requirements:

I honestly don’t think that working out at home needs to break the bank so here are a few essentials I think you need: 

  • Skipping rope 
  • Dumbells (start with 3-5kg)
  • Kitchen chair
  • Yoga mat or rug you don’t mind getting a bit of sweat on! 
  • Ankle weights – although not essential can make all exercises just that little bit more challenging! 
  • Foam roller

  How to modify? 
Ultimately the aim of modification is to firstly use the right set of muscles in whatever movement you do, and then, trying to do the movement with the same intensity (or more repetitions) in order that your body is working as hard. 

Here is what to do with a few key exercises: 

  • Bench jumps – here you will use your kitchen chair (or a stable side table). Push it up against a sofa or table to ensure it doesn’t slide backwards. I wouldn’t advise using the wall to support the chair as it’s a bit terrifying jumping up to the wall
  • Anything with barbells – use Dumbells in each hand. Keep your arms at your sides. I would also recommend doing a few more repititions to ensure you are working hard and pushing yourself! 
  • Anything with a medicine ball – I would suggest holding one dumbell horizontally in 2 hands to get an even spread of weight across your body. 
  • Push ups using a medicine ball – here I would use my foam roller and use it to roll from side to side and push up on. 

The trick is to be creative, oh, and rotate the use of your kitchen chairs every few weeks! I always get a bit nervous if I use one for too long! 

Here is a little video to show you modifications for: 

  • 3 pulse bench jumps
  • Close leg barbell squats
  • Medicine ball squat and press

I hope this helps! 

A xx

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