Kids… the #lifehacks to see you through (Part 1)

I have so many friends who either have children, or are about to, and I thought it would be fun to compile a list of #lifehacks that we all think are useful when you have kids! So here it is… Part 1 of our #lifehacks!


  • Get your online shopping delivered every week. It will be such a relief to know you can just press ‘go’ on your weekly essentials
  • Use frozen food over fresh e.g. fish and veggies, it will save you a lot of money and time when cooking
  • Put everyone’s activities and meals on a visible activity tracker in the kitchen; use that as your main source of information each week
  • Have a shared diary on your phones so you can always check before booking anything
  • Organise alternate lie-ins at the weekend
  • If going out to work; prepare your outfits for the week ahead on a Sunday
  • Batch cook at the weekend so you have healthy choices all week long for lunch and dinner


  • Have one cream to do everything; lips, hands and baby’s chin! I am obsessed with Elizabeth Arden’s 8 hour cream… it is so versatile!
  • Dry shampoo… need I say more?!
  • Mascara and lip gloss (see cream above!)


  • Work out in advance who is going to do which feed at night if you are bottle-feeding; there is no point both you and your partner being up in the middle of the night to feed
  • Put 2 lots of mattress protector and sheets on the cot so when one gets dirty in the middle of the night you only have to strip the bed down
  • Always change the nappy by putting a clean nappy underneath the dirty one before
  • Second hand baby stuff e.g. travel cots, a high chair etc… are a wallet saver; buying new all the time is definitely not worth the money
  • 10 second rule if stuff falls on the floor is king
  • If you can afford it, and are bottle feeding, the tommee tippee perfect prep machine is fantastic and a real time saver.

Let me know what your other #lifehacks are and i’ll use some for Part 2 coming up!

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