How to fit in exercise when you are on holiday

Next week John, Rupert and I are on holiday for 2 weeks – we are going to France and Spain which will just be heaven! I have spent the past 34 weeks training hard and in that time I have been to both Mallorca and France and have managed to keep up with my training, so I know that it can be done!

Things to bear in mind about exercising and holidays:

  • It is likely that your environment will be different e.g. you will have a gym, or you will need to work out in your hotel room, you may not have weights etc… The point here is you will need to be flexible and make your environment work for you!You also may need to be flexible about your method! Sometimes it just isn’t realistic to think that you can keep up with what you were doing at home, or actually, you just may not want to! So go for a run instead of doing your resistance training, or even a swim. Your body will react to the new challenge, so don’t get worried you won’t see results
  • You may have more people around you. I always feel really self conscious about exercising in front of friends or family who don’t normally see you train, but it doesn’t have to be too scary. When I went to Mallorca with my family I did my normal routine with my twin and even my dad joined in and then, when John and I went to stay with friends in France, all their kids joined in with me which was so fun!


  • Be creative with weights. You don’t have to always use dumbbells. Since working out at home I have used paint cans, water bottles and bottles of moisturiser (today’s weights at home as the cleaner banished me from the kitchen!) to add a little bit more of a challenge to my circuits. If you know you won’t be lifting as heavy, this is the time to think about your form and perhaps even slowing down the exercises to really add that intensity to your workout.
  • Sometimes you just need to take a break! That’s what holidays are all about, relaxing, spending time with your loved ones so that you come back refreshed. Don’t stress about your fitness regime if it just isn’t going to work for you. Focus on relaxing – you may even find your body thanks you for it and you can come back stronger than ever when you get back!

This holiday I am going to actually not use any weights and instead am going to be slowing everything down and really focusing on my form. I won’t be too worried if I don’t get all my resistance workouts in as we will be doing so much walking I know that I will keeping my fitness up to some extent!

What are your other top tips for exercising when you are on holiday?

A xx

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