Brands I love: SheerLuxe

So firstly I am absolutely not paid to write this review, nor do they know I’m writing it but I simply have to write this.

SheerLuxe.. what a brand! This has been the website that has single handidly got me to cut 6 inches of my hair off after YEARS of growing it, has got me out of wearing #activeweareveryday and has given me a daily update on worldly happenings when the thought of reading a whole newspaper made me want to punch someone!

By signing up to their newsletter on the website it subscribes you to receiving a “The things you need to know” email which tells you all the key things you need to know that day. This has got me through a LOT of dinner conversations where realistically all I read in the day are several versions of “That’s not my…” books with Rupert.

Then their Luxemail email follows a little later which gives you a snap shot of the key articles that you can see on their website. Hello mum friendly ideas on how to style your hair when you can’t be arsed to wash it everyday (#winning!), how to style clothes you may have had knocking about for a while in a more fashionable way and other general fashion and home interior ideas that won’t break the bank and are majorly achievable!

All in all, this is a winner! Check it out here and let me know what you think!
A xx

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