Brands I love: Sudio

Oh Sudio, you are like heaven for my ears! Have you guys checked out this amazing company yet? If not… let me introduce their products to you!

Say hello to my new favourite item in my handbag – my Sudio Vasa blå black wireless earphones. These bad boys get a lot of use when I am working out, travelling on the tube and out walking with Rupert! Believe me when I say that wireless earphones are the way forward if you have children and also cats!

Why do I love them?

  • The Vasa blå are wireless – Sudio do lots of different products (click here to see the full collection), but my favourite by far are the wireless ones that they do. They are so easy to wear, they don’t fall out of your ears and you don’t have hundreds of yards of wires to cope with when you are trying to walk with your baby or trying to get them out of your bag!
  • They have amazing accessories! Not only are there different sized buds which all help in the quest to get earphones to stay in your ears, but there is a gorgeous little pouch to put your earphones in when you aren’t using them!
  • You can run, jump, walk and do yoga in them and they absolutely do not fall out! Perfect! Not only that but you can control your music (skip to next track and music up and down) from the control on the earphones. This means, for people like me who flips through her music to get exactly the right beat quicker than Usain Bolt sprints, that I don’t have to carry my phone in my hand, I can just wear it on my arm and use my earphones as the control panel.
  • They look absolutely great – the rose gold is just beautiful, the wires aren’t too chunky and even though when the Bluetooth is on and there is a blue flashing light telling you it has connected to your phone it is subtle and you actually look kinda badass.
  • They don’t cost the earth – this pair of wireless earphones cost £69, which although i think may make a few people hesitate, they are totally worth it. Plus with my discount code (activelybalanced) you can get 15% off! Hooray! You can check out their full range by clicking on this link.

If you want to know a bit more about Sudio then click here to find out about their story. Have you guys tried them yet? Let me know what you think!

A xxx

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