What does being ‘present’ mean to you? 

During my yoga teacher training last weekend we had a whole day of meditation, it was absolutely wonderful and brought a lot of things home to me during the day:

  1. I should be more ‘present’ in my daily life, take a bit more notice of what is going around me, listen a bit more to what my husband is saying, play a little more with my son and generally not pass through the day and wonder at night what I’ve actually been doing all day! 

  1. Don’t worry about the past so much – it’s happened and it will never happen again. It is not my reality now, it’s a reality that has been. By focusing on the present I can ensure that my actions right now won’t allow the things that happened in the past that affected me negatively to happen again. Yes of course I won’t always remember this when something annoys me or upsets me, but I can try and remember to say to myself “don’t worry, it’s happened, just let it go”.
  2. Don’t worry about the future. I have spent months and months worrying about so much: going back to work, starting Rupert at nursery and those things have still happened whether I worried about them every second or not. At least if I stay in the present I can ensure that the moments, up to the time that the things I am dreading come to existence, are made the most of and I’m enjoying them fully!
  3. Make sure I am listening to what people are telling me. We did this amazing exercise where for 4 minutes we just had to listen to someone talk about a particular subject (“what it means to you to be present”) without saying anything, just listening! It was an amazing exercise and made me realise how much we all jump into conversations without giving people the chance to really finish what they want to say! It was also interesting to think about how often I don’t really pay attention when someone talks to me; do I really give my husband or family enough of my time at the end of the day? How many opportunities have I missed to talk through something that was important to them have? It has been interesting to think that all through! 

Ultimately life is to short to go through the day and not truly appreciate what is happening from each moment to the next. I’ll let you know how I get on; but do let me know if you do anything else to stay more present in your lives!

A xx

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