My name is Alison – I am 29 years old, happily married and a mummy to my beautiful baby boy Rupert.

I am a yoga teacher in Southfields, London and I am also just about to launch my own training guides in September this year!

My whole philosophy for both yoga and training is that it is completely focused on mums and mums to be. The body is going through so much already when pregnant or once you’ve had a baby, the last thing it needs is to have extra pressure put on it. I found that when I started exercising postpartum, my pelvic floor and core really struggled with the exercises that other guides were directing me to take. I had to modify a lot to make sure that my core was strong before going too hard. I want to help you get back to being strong and stable so that you can be fit, healthy and able to cope with everything else that your life throws at you.

So what can I offer you? 

  • YOGA CLASSES: 121 or small group yoga lessons can be booked via email. Please just email me with your location, preferred time and date and I will get back to you within 24 hours.
  • TRAINING GUIDES: My very own 12 week guides will be launched in September! If you want to find out more then please find me on Instagram @actively.balanced

Really look forward to seeing you soon!

A xx